American Mixed Martial Arts

"Training the best for over 30 years"

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American Mixed Martial Arts & Karate Training Center


The American Mixed Martial Arts & Karate Training Center / AMMA Fitness has served the downriver comunity for over 30 years as one of the premiere martial arts training academys.


AMMA Fitness & Training centers is your one stop training center for Traditional Karate, Boxing, Kick boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense and Zumba classes.


Our training centers around fitness, conditioning and mental preparedness. With the training that you receive at AMMA Fitness, you will be confident in your surroundings and in yourself.


Our children's classes are geared to address the many social situations that your child will face in school as well as in their community. We teach children to first, avoid the confrontation and why it is so important to try to avoid any physical confrontation.


There are many traditional values that we instill into our young students but you can rest assured that as a student of AMMA Fitness center, your child has the very best training and mental confidence to keep them out of trouble and safely in your home.






878 Dix Highway
Lincoln Park, MI 48146